14 November 1974:

Born in Teterow (Germany) as the daughter of a nurse/bank clerk and an industrial mechanic

1981 - 1991:

Elementary School and Secondary School
Qualified Degree (Awarded for Completing Secondary School)


I moved to the region of Osnabrueck

1991 - 1994:

College in Osnabrueck, Germany: A-levels with good marks, English and Spanish as relevant exam subjects

1994 - 1997:

Commercial training at business school and in an industrial company: Degree taken in association with the German Chamber of Trade and Commerce


Inlingua Language School, Osnabrueck: Educational studies and preparation for the commercial correspondents exam (German title Fremdsprachenkauffrau Englisch). Degree in association with Inlingua and the German Chamber of Trade and Commerce


Chamber of Trade and Commerce, Muenster/Germany: Seminar Introduction and practice concerning export laws and export documents


Educational Studies and preparation for the translator's exam (German title Übersetzerin Englisch). Degree taken in association with the German Chamber of Trade and Commerce

1 September 2001:

I moved to Switzerland, to the canton of St. Gallen

1997 - 2002:

Secretarial and administrative as well as a translator's and commercial correspondent's work in export departments of several German and Swiss companies

since 2002:

Work as an English and German teacher of all Cambridge and Goethe levels at business and language schools.
Regular sideline translations of texts at all levels and topics


Inlingua Language School St. Gallen
Educational studies and preparation for the Cambridge Proficiency Exam (exam successfully completed in December 2003)

13 February 2004:

I moved to the canton of Bern

2004 - 2005:

Seminar for Adult Education, Bern
(Swiss name Berner Seminar für Erwachsenenbildung): Educational studies and training for the qualification as a Federal Adults Instructor (Swiss title Eidgenössische Fachausbildnerin).

Since 2004:

Language Tutor, Translator and Interpretator English & German (all ALTE, Cambridge, IELTS, Goethe and other institutions'/authorities' language levels) as well as all related office work as a Consultant/Manager for all tasks concerning the above-mentioned functions

2006 - 2011:

Exams Administrator at the Cambridge ESOL Examinations Centre, Bern

2009 - 2010:

Inlingua Language School Bern:
Educational studies and preparation for the Cambridge International Legal English Certificate Exams (exam successfully completed in May 2010)

Since May 2011:

Open University, Milton Keanes/GB: Distance-learning studies in preparation of the Certificate in Professional Management (successfully passed exams), continuing with the Open Bachelor studies (in progress)

Since August 2011:

Translator and interpreter for the Cantonal Police and the Supreme Court of the Canton Bern

September 2011 - May 2012:

Consular Assistant at the British Embassy in Bern

January 2012:

10-day course Consular Assistance Work Overseas & successfully passed final exams

Since May 2012:

British Council Bern and Berner Fachhochschule BFH: Registered freelance exams supervisor for IELTS and other English exams at all levels

6 September 2013:


September 2013:

Open University: Introduction to Social Sciences (successfully passed exams)

May/June 2014:

2-day course "Interpreting for the Bernese Judiciary and Police Authorities" (with exam successfully passed on 18 June 2014)

October 2014 - June 2015:

Open University: Module "D240 Psychology: Counselling exploring fear and sadness" (successfully passed exams)

April 2017:

Accepted Swiss Citizenship